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The Lord's Cross Christian Center is a church which uses spiritual gifts

First Letter to the Corinthians 12:8-10 describes nine spiritual gifts; wisdom, knowledge, faith, power of healings, power of working miracles, prophesy, the ability to tell the difference between the gifts, telling tongues, and ability to understand the tongues told. Any Christian who was baptised by the Holy Spirit is given at least one of those spiritual gifts(vs11)


for more detailed explanations about the Charithmatic faith and nine spiritual gifts, click here


and when those spiritual gifts work、wonderful miracles of God will be seen, as we read in Acts of Apostles, and His plan will be proceeded.
In order that it may happen, the training of using spiritual gifts in the right way

Our church always offers training schedule of how to use spiritual gifts under the strict control and examination by the church. We are sure that not many churches in the world exercise such training and practice of the spiritual gifts as we do

We have the Spiritual Gifts seminar every week at our church
Our church also offer Spiritual Gift seminar on every Sunday
Please contact us if you are interested in the seminar through the contact address below

Every year in February or in March, we have "Hakuba Synerugoi Camp" at Kabuba, Nagano Pre. where you can intensively practice and train using spiritual gifts.

In this camp, we offer you the oppotunities to have training and try to use nine gifts of the Spirits written in the Bible