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The Lord's Cross Christian Center Machida church

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Our church believes that helping orphans is one of our most important duties.

Due to the today's wars, natural disasters, poverty, starvation or diseases like HIV, so many children in the world lost their patents or were deserted by the parents and became orphans.


In an effort to save their lives and to support livings, TLCCC have been and is supporting orphanage works all over the world by financial support and by sending people. We always pray for them. At present, in order to maintain orphanages, four missionaries and other staffs of The NPO Cornerstone Orphanage, were sent and staying in Cambodia, Philippines, Zambia and Brasil. Around 70 orphans have been accepted and living in orphanages in such countries. Some of them are suffering HIV or mental problems.


When accepted, most of them did'nt know their name nor the birth date. They were sunk in despair with dark faces. But amazing thing was that; as the time goes by, they began to open their minds and regained the child's smile. It was God who gave them lives in this world, and so we believe that He must have His own plans over each of these children. We will certainly try to maintain our efforts to support orphanage works in the world.