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Our church, The Lord's Cross Christian Center prays for the peace of Israel

●We have a vision to build a prayer house in Galilee area of Israel. A concrete building plan is being sought now.

●Once a year or may be more times, we send a mission-tour to Israel. Anybody who wants to join us will be welcomed.

●We join the millions of people around the world who committed to pray for the "Peace of Jerusalem" on the first Sunday of October every year.

●Since 2005, we have attended variou governmental conferences including "The Prime minister's Export Conference" in Israel by the special invitation of Islael Embassy Economic Tokyo.

・November, 2005: Prime minister Sharron's Export Conference, which is Isarael Export Organization.
・November, 2006: attended the Prime minister's Export Conference.
・November, 2007: attended the Prime Minister's Conference. the Prime minister's Conference concerning International Cooperation and Export.
・November, 2008: the Prime minister's Export Conference.
・June 15, 2011: Our Newspaper arm sent a correspondent to the lecture meeting by Mr.Nisshim Benshitritt, the ambassdor to Japan which was hosted by Japan-Israeli Society and backed by various organization, including Israel Embassy in Japan, Sagamihara City, The pastotrate of Sagamihara.  The correspondent could have the time to talk with the ambassdor with the help by Christian leaders who attended the meeting.