To Pastor Akimoto’s house   2013/03/05


It’s rainy today.

I want to drive safe.

Setting Up Division   2013/03/05

From six o’clock in the morning, the staff started to load the equipment. They worked silently, so they looked like a professional team.

We’re traveling now   2013/03/05


We’re traveling.

Car Pastor Paul, we’re  at Dangozaka now.

At Dangozaka   2013/03/05


This is Pastor Kubota’s car and Pastor Kitajima’s car. Rev. Benjamin looks great!

Our camp conference started   2013/03/05


Our camp conference started.

Simultaneous interpreting   2013/03/05


There is the simultaneous translation.

Message by Pastor Kitano   2013/03/05


Pastor Kitano delivered a message.

There are several monitors in the conference room.

Praise by Pastor Paul   2013/03/05


We worship the Lord together!

Room with an incredible view   2013/03/05



We have a room with an incredible view.

The snowy mountains blooming in the sunshine are beautiful \(^-^)/

All You Can Eat   2013/03/05


“Your planes are piling up!”, I said, and he answered, “Because I’m Fortissimo.” What does it mean?