Healing   2013/03/05



Pastor Peter Nagato is in charge of the class on the power of healing.

Is he a famous star?   2013/03/05


Shinri looks cool with his sunglasses!


From skiing and snowboarding division

Third overall   2013/03/05

John Akimoto was the third overall.
His work entitled “The Twenty-Six Martyrs of Japan’s Journey”.


He created to address the truth of their faith in his movie on the base of the comic-book “History of Japanese Christianity” by Madoka Mako. He took time to make it. He was happy that he could make it on the day of the 26 martyrs memorial conference.

Second overall   2013/03/05


This is the scene from the side of the stage.

The second overall : “Good Samaritan”

Overall champion   2013/03/05


This year’s overall champion was Ms. Miki.
She created her movies entitled “Tegami (A Letter)”.

Message by Pastor Paul   2013/03/05



He delivered a message from Psalms 103:1-4. The HCFF will be held in Hyderabad, too! The Working of God is advancing greatly!

Time of Giving Thanks   2013/03/05



We give thanks to the Lord because the Great Awaking has began! We thank the Lord because God has built a children’s care center in Japan! Hallelujah!

Ready to return   2013/03/05


The staff of our publishing company, “A Rainbow in the Clouds”, pulls out the books and DVDs from the selling section.

Car 11   2013/03/05

Are there empty seats to the terminal?

I’m so relaxed.


They returned from our Hakuba Synerugoi Camp   2013/03/05

Pastor Akimoto and his wife arrived at 3:20 p.m.

Thank you so much in the Hakuba Synerugoi Camp.
And, the Internet Committee Meeting was held from 10:30 p.m.