Headdress   2013/03/05


The members from Yotsukaichi Zion Church posed together wearing on headdresses. They are so cute. The headdresses look great on you.

Side of the stage   2013/03/05



This is the scene from the side of the stage.


Testimony about the Hollywood Team   2013/03/05


Pastor Kubota shared with us about the Hollywood Team’s testimony with the photos.

Message by Pastor Paul   2013/03/05


Message by Pastor Paul Akimoto

Message by Rev. Benjamin   2013/03/05


Message by Rev. Benjamin

Pastor Yumino interpreted for him.

Rev.Benjamin’s ministry   2013/03/05





Many people went forward to the front.

Internet and Making video seminar   2013/03/05


The Internet and making video seminar on iPhone or iPad was held. If you are interested in the seminary, please join us.

Enjoy skiing   2013/03/05

Skiing and snowboarding

Spiritual gifts seminar   2013/03/05


Evangelist Fushigi Akimoto brought a seminar about spiritual gifts.


Function of Prophecy for beginners   2013/03/05


Pastor Paul Kitano is in charge of the class on the function of prophecy for absolutely beginners.