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Monthly Message
TLCCC film-mission has started working Solicit "Film-mission supporters", which lead you to the screen production in Hollywood !

Film-mission is going to carry out the Great Commission from Jesus Christ through the movie, the powerful image medium that greatly influences the whole world.

TLCCC film-mission (established in April 1st, 2004 and have started to place an article in this monthly newsletter from September) is going to send Gospel to people to all nationalities, nations, religions, sects, and ism.
We are appealing for "Film-mission supporters" who can support our work with prayer and monthly offerings in multiples of $10 unites.

Please join this "Film-mission supporters" so that you can get involved in filmmaking in Hollywood.

Please contact us :
Address : §166-0002
@ Kaneda bldg. 402, 2-15-1 Kouenji-kita Suginami-ku, Tokyo
FAX : 03-3339-0588^TEL : 03-3339-0587
e-mail :

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