The Light of Eternal Agape Seminary has a calling for training center of vessels of Revival in the End Times.

About TLEA

The Light of Eternal Agape Seminary has started in 1985 in Tokyo as a training organization of vessels of Revival at the End Times, in the work of The Lord’s Cross Christian Center. We stand on the faith in the Bible, and prayer and obedience to the Lord is set in the center of our trainings.

We not only study the Bible but we actually go out to five continents and seven regions of the world for overseas mission work, responding to the Great Commandment of our Lord. Also we train the students to study and practice the Spiritual gifts such as prophecy.

We are interdenominational seminary where any devoted Christians can study.

At the present, we have 85 local schools all over Japan as well as overseas. We started offering courses over Internet in 2006. Laymen can also study in the courses over Internet. We also offer opportunities to study using smartophones and other divices.

Chairman of the board of dicrectors: Israel Kosuda Megumi

Principal: Jeremaiah Miyashita