Update   2013/March/23 [Sat] 10:24

Rev. Arai’s Biblical Theology Class is held today, and Sunerugoi Therapeia will be held tomorrow. Please let me update you on the details of these events. Please enjoy.

To pick him up   2013/March/23 [Sat] 14:21


Evangelisy Masukawa prepare a car key to pick Rev. Arai up.

Today   2013/March/23 [Sat] 14:27


Rev. Arai, we beg your kindness today.

Cherry blossoms in full bloom   2013/March/23 [Sat] 14:31


The cherry-trees around our church are in full bloom.

Biblical Theology Class   2013/March/23 [Sat] 14:32


This is still dark.

But the class starts soon in this place.

As a blogger   2013/March/23 [Sat] 14:34


Ms. Imai updates information for this blog as a blogger.

Rev. Arai   2013/March/23 [Sat] 14:38


What kind of subject do we learn today?

We look forward to it!

The other day   2013/March/23 [Sat] 14:40


We visit the Mabashi Church almost every week.

In front of Koenji Station   2013/March/23 [Sat] 14:44


This is Pastor Yumino.

He weaves a mask to prevent from a cold.

Full bloom   2013/March/23 [Sat] 14:45


The cherry trees are in full bloom today.