Today   2013/March/18 [Mon] 10:12



Today, we’re going to Koriyama City to make a contract to build a children’s care center.

Videographer   2013/March/18 [Mon] 10:26


John is our videographer.

Thank you.

Strong wind   2013/March/18 [Mon] 10:27


It’s windy today.

As of today   2013/March/18 [Mon] 10:30


We’re running on the Tokoku Way.  
Tochogi is near. We’ll take a rest soon.

Japanese cedar   2013/March/18 [Mon] 10:37


There are many Japanese cedars. Pastor Majikina looks unhappy because he has a hey fever.

Time of rest for a while   2013/March/18 [Mon] 10:52


I’m eating a curry bread.

Sinkin Bank   2013/March/18 [Mon] 10:56


We’ll contract to buy a land at a Sinkin Bank.
That is the first time for us.

This is the photo around Nasukogen.

Rest for a while   2013/March/18 [Mon] 10:56


We take a rest for a while.

Leave again   2013/March/18 [Mon] 10:58


We’ll briefly arrive at Koriyama in about one hour.

In the car   2013/March/18 [Mon] 10:59


We listen to the Yasuragi music in the car.