More questioning   2013/March/09 [Sat] 20:02


More questioning

After the class   2013/March/09 [Sat] 20:03



Even after the class, some are asking.

Rev. Arai goes home   2013/March/09 [Sat] 20:04


Rev. Arai goes home.

Thank you so much.

Shooting   2013/March/09 [Sat] 20:05


I could take the photo as I went down the stars.

In Car   2013/March/09 [Sat] 20:07


Rev. Arai said that he was able to do much better time than before because many people were asking.

He arrived at his house   2013/March/09 [Sat] 20:09


He’s arrived at his house.

It’s warm today. So, I could drive smoothly!

About the class   2013/March/09 [Sat] 20:11


We’re talking about the class.

Rev. Arai, thank you so much   2013/March/09 [Sat] 20:14


Rev. Arai, thank you so much today.

We look forward to seeing you again on the Synerugoi Therapeia during the fourth week.