Name tag like this   2013/March/09 [Sat] 19:53


We wear name tags around our necks.

From now.   2013/March/09 [Sat] 19:55


The Biblical Theology Class starts from now.

Scripture   2013/March/09 [Sat] 19:55


We open the Bible.

Many people   2013/March/09 [Sat] 19:56

Many people gather this class.

In Class   2013/March/09 [Sat] 19:57


Masukawa listens to the seminar attentively.

Translation   2013/March/09 [Sat] 19:58


Rev. Arai speaks about the translation of the Bible.

Nameplate   2013/March/09 [Sat] 19:59


How does this nameplate look on me?

Before starting the class   2013/March/09 [Sat] 20:00


Before starting the class, a famous pastor from the evangelical stream came to our church.

Questions   2013/March/09 [Sat] 20:01


Now it’s the time of questioning.

Asking   2013/March/09 [Sat] 20:02


Masukawa is asking.