Mabashi Christ Church   2013/March/09 [Sat] 18:40


We’ve arrived at Mabashi Christ Church.

We’ll meet Rev. Arai soon.

Rev. Arai   2013/March/09 [Sat] 18:41


Rev. Arai, nice to meet you again.

Information table   2013/March/09 [Sat] 18:43

The reception desk opens.

Name tag   2013/March/09 [Sat] 18:44


It says that there are name tags.

In the church   2013/March/09 [Sat] 18:44


People are gathering in our church.

Front seats   2013/March/09 [Sat] 18:47


They move over the front seats.

Announcement   2013/March/09 [Sat] 18:48


It starts now!

In the beginning, Pastor Yumino gives us an announcement.

Rev. Arai   2013/March/09 [Sat] 18:49


We are very privileged to have with us Rev. Arai.

Today’s handouts   2013/March/09 [Sat] 18:50


We’ve finished preparing the handouts for this class.

Nameplate   2013/March/09 [Sat] 18:52


From today, we use our nameplates in the class.