Biblical Theological Class   2013/March/09 [Sat] 11:00



Today, we have the class on the Biblical Theology.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there.

Each time   2013/March/09 [Sat] 11:02


Many people participate each time.

This week’s scene   2013/March/09 [Sat] 14:29


This is the scene that we met this Tuesday.

We were talking about iPad.

Alien   2013/March/09 [Sat] 14:36


This is Evengelist Obata. He visited the Mabashi Church, too. His major was space engineering when he was a university student. So, we call him a space man.

Handouts   2013/March/09 [Sat] 18:31


This is the handouts for the seminary’s class.

It’s interesting!

Pastor Yamakawa   2013/March/09 [Sat] 18:33


This is Pastor Yamakawa.

He hears the details from Rev. Arai.

Question   2013/March/09 [Sat] 18:35


Masukawa always asks after the class.

What kind of questions will he ask today?


Tokyo Antioch Church   2013/March/09 [Sat] 18:37


The Biblical Theology Class is held at Tokyo Antioch Church today. Now, they have a service on Saturday.

From now   2013/March/09 [Sat] 18:38


Pastor Amagai picks Rev. Arai up from now.

He’s checking the e-mail.

We join Pastor Yumino   2013/March/09 [Sat] 18:39


We joined Pastor Yumino at the Koenji Station.