Rev. Arai   2013/02/16



We could meet Rev. Arai.

I beg your kindness.

Waiting for him   2013/02/16


Rev. Arai comes soon.

Strong Wind   2013/02/16


It’s fine, but the wind is strong. We’re heading toward our church while talking with Rev. Arai.

Rev. Arai has arrived   2013/02/16


Rev. Arai has arrived.

He goes to the class.

Hustle   2013/02/16


Ai-chan hustles on business.

Seminary students   2013/02/16


Seminary students gather one after another.

Talking about the Bible   2013/02/16



Before the class, we’re talking about the Bible both in Greek and English.

Microphone   2013/02/16


He’s setting for the microphone.

The class starts soon.

After announcement   2013/02/16


After Pastor Yumino announced about the overseas mission’s class, Rev. Arai gives a seminar.

It starts   2013/02/16


The Biblical Theology Class starts!