Biblical Theology Course starts today   2012/December/08 [Sat] 10:05

Biblical Theology Course starts from Dec. 8th. Rev. Koji Arai teaches us from today. Please let me update you on the details of today’s class. Please enjoy.

Meeting with Rev. Arai   2012/December/08 [Sat] 10:14


We had a meeting for Biblical Theology Course before starting. This is Pastor Yumino and Pastor Miyashita. Pastor Yumino teaches us on Second Overseas Mission class, and Pastor Miyashita is the principal of TLCCC seminary school.

Before starting meeting   2012/December/08 [Sat] 10:38


Before starting the meeting, we’re talking about social networks.


TLCCC seminary school’s website   2012/December/08 [Sat] 11:12


TLCCC seminary school’s website is posted information of Biblical Theology Course that starts from today.

Materials   2012/December/08 [Sat] 13:21


I have finished to make preparations for today’s materials in the class.

Questionnaire   2012/December/08 [Sat] 13:45

I’m printing questionnaires that are handed out today.

It’s warm today   2012/December/08 [Sat] 13:49

It’s warm in Tokyo today.

I’m going to pick Rev. Arai up now.

Driver is Pastor Majikina   2012/December/08 [Sat] 14:13


This is our driver, Pastor Majikina. He came back from Australia yesterday.

Mr. Masukawa   2012/December/08 [Sat] 14:14


This is Mr. Masukawa who sees us off.

We meet Pastor Yumino at station   2012/December/08 [Sat] 14:17


Now we’re going to meet Rev. Arai with Pastor Yumino.