Biblical Theology Class Holds Today   2013/February/02 [Sat] 09:38


Biblical Theology Class is held today.

Please let me update you on the details of the class.

Please enjoy.


Today   2013/February/02 [Sat] 17:56


Biblical Theology Class by Rev. Arai is held today.

It’s overcast in Tokyo today.

I’ve heard the temperature doesn’t grow cool.


Saturday Service   2013/February/02 [Sat] 18:00


Masukawa serves as a MC on Saturday Service.

He’ll go to the car shop for picking Rev. Arai up.

When I watch on TV   2013/February/02 [Sat] 18:04


When I watched on a TV travel program, I could see a familiar way to go to Mabashi Church!

Last week   2013/February/02 [Sat] 18:08


I just heard about filming a show around Koenji-kita last week. I had lunch nearby.

On my way   2013/February/02 [Sat] 18:14


I met Pastor Kato!

I’ve heard that she goes to her office to proofreading for our monthly magazine. She is in charge of starting writing for Rev. Arai’s article at the Rainbow in the Clouds Publishing.

Prayer Meeting   2013/February/02 [Sat] 18:17


They have a prayer meeting in our church now.

Pray for Biblical Theology Class   2013/February/02 [Sat] 20:05


Do they pray for Biblical Theology Class, too?

They are…   2013/February/02 [Sat] 20:06


They are preparing for filming and the PA system?

Seminary staff members   2013/February/02 [Sat] 20:07


They are preparing for the class.